Banai Azriel Stern

A senior, unique, leading boutique office, specializing in commercial-civil law.
Provides legal services in the fields of high-tech, corporate law, litigation, real estate, and labor law.


Banai Azriel Stern Law Firm (BAS) is a unique firm specializing in commercial-civil law.

The firm is ranked in the Israeli ranking platforms Dun’s100 and BDI.

Beyond the extensive legal and professional body of knowledge it offers, the firm’s staff also offers customers strategic business consulting that allows them to manage their actions, predict problems and obstacles, and plan their activities in the best and most favourable manner.

We accompany our customers throughout their professional path and provide them with high-quality, competent legal advice, applying our commitment to excellence and professionalism with absolute loyalty.

Our firm’s staff has extensive experience in the areas we engage in, and our profound understanding of the legal and business arenas yields impressive outcomes, allowing our customers to achieve optimal business and legal results for themselves.

Our Edge

We, at Banai Azriel Stern (BAS), have a notable exceptional edge when it comes to identifying our customers’ needs and tailoring the most accurate and comprehensive legal service from a broad business comprehension, creating long-term personal relations.

Our legal team specializes in creating a custom legal framework for each customer, thinking “outside the box” while maintaining the highest level of professionalism and aspiration to excellence.

Our office departments operate together in synergy and are available to attend to the various issues arising while accompanying our clients.

Our firm represents leading and promising Israeli and international start-ups, leading high-tech companies, alongside some of the largest and leading services companies in the market, notable insurance and finance companies, commercial entities, associations, NGOs, and private clients.

A Bit About Us

With us, Banai Azriel Stern (BAS), clients become family. Our customers are accompanied by our team for numerous years and many of them have been with us from the very beginning.

Our team is involved in all the issues relevant to our clients, under various fields, and accompanies them with unyielding loyalty.

The relationship we develop with our clients is special and exceptional in our landscape – the firm’s clients receive unprecedented personal and professional treatment, that is serious, responsible, and of high quality, all while ensure superior human relations, availability, and superb service orientation.

Our firm employs an open-door policy, and we make it our priority to be available to our clients at all times.