Our Areas of Practice

Banai Azriel Stern provides a legal service framework in the areas of commercial law, corporate law, litigation, labor law, and real estate.
The firm’s team has extensive experience in providing consulting with ongoing commercial support of companies, including representation in commercial transactions, mergers and acquisitions, licensing agreements, distribution agreements, partnerships, and more – both in Israel and overseas.
Our team also provide comprehensive handling of real estate transactions, management of litigation cases, and ongoing consultation in the field of labor law, including representation in the Labor Courts.
Our clients include start-ups and experienced high-tech companies, along with services companies, commercial entities, associations, non-profit organizations, and private clients.

Our Firm has extensive practice in the fields of Corporate Law and Commercial Law. As part of the department’s service, the legal team provides a wide range of commercial-related legal services to companies, partnerships, and non-profit organizations.
The lawyers in the Commercial Department have extensive experience in providing consulting and guidance regarding the company’s ongoing business activities, throughout all the stages of its development: from its foundation, during its activity and growth phases, joints ventures, sale of business activities and through M&A processes.
The Firm’s clients benefit from the full cooperation between the various departments within our firm, and receive one-stop-shop first-class legal service that is tailored to their needs.
Our Firm accompanies a wide range of leading Israeli companies and corporations, including large services companies, hi-tech and start-up companies, companies from the insurance and finance sector, real estate and initiation companies, institutional entities, etc.
Among the services provided in the Commercial Department are:
Ongoing consulting and support of companies, associations and cooperatives in all areas of corporate law in Israel.
Commercial contracts including investment agreements, M&A’s, divestments, franchise agreements, distribution agreements and joints ventures.
Establishing limited liability companies, partnerships and associations under the Israeli law.
Advising Board of Directors and various Committees.
Consulting on corporate governance, complex transactions and transactions involving holders of controlling interest.

Fi Field of occupation : Insurance and regulation

The insurance department in our office regularly advises license holders (agents and corporations) in the field of insurance.

The lawyers in the commercial department have extensive experience in providing individual advice and support regarding the unique business activity of license holders in the field of insurance as entities supervised by the Capital Market, Insurance and Saving Authority (“the authority”).

Our firm’s consulting services in the field of insurance, including treatment of issues as follows:

– Establishment of insurance corporations – the treatment includes representation of shareholders in drafting founders’ agreements or shareholders’ agreements for corporations dealing with issues unique to the insurance field, establishment of insurance corporations in the authorities, including dealing with interfaces at the Authority and the Registrar of Companies.
– Commercial transactions in the field of insurance – the insurance department in our office has very successfully represented insurance corporations and shareholders in insurance corporations in mergers and acquisitions of the insurance corporations, and the insurance department in our office regularly represents in transactions for the sale or purchase of activities in the insurance field.
– Regulation in the field of insurance – the treatment includes reference to unique circulars that are distributed by the authority whose purpose is to regulate practice in the field of insurance, examination of the wording of the circulars, examination of decisions of the authority and advice to licensees in the field of insurance about the way in which the regulation affects their practice in the field of insurance.

Our Firm is particularly proud of the start-up companies that have grown and developed successfully in parallel with the Firm’s close legal support, turning from an idea of a single entrepreneur into high-impact and stable companies, operating on a global scale.

Our specialization in the field is based on understanding the needs of both the entrepreneurs and the company, during the various phases of its life cycle.

We work together, hand in hand with the company’s founders, starting from the company’s founding documents and the first shareholders’ agreement, while assisting the founders with raising initial investments (in the Seed phase), beta agreements, employment agreements, preparing an employee stock option plan (ESOP), investment support (Term Sheet, transaction agreements) until its finalization, drafting of license agreements, distribution agreements, M&A agreements, etc.

We offer start-ups a warm and inviting home, where we turn the client’s needs into our own, taking care of providing them with a service plan that is tailored to their measurements, and which will satisfy their legal and business needs.

The department has unique experience in accompanying companies in the cyber field, thanks to the professional background of the head of the department, Att. Amit Banai, who has been involved in this field during his military service as well as in his practice for years.

The Litigation Department of our Firm represents the Firm’s clients in a wide range of practice areas and in all legal instances, as well as in arbitration and mediation institutions.
The Department consists of professional and experienced lawyers, with expertise in Commercial Law and Class Action Suits, with exceptional writing skills, who accompany the Firm’s clients at all stages of the case, including injunctions, appeals, urgent reliefs, etc.
The Firm’s clients receive personal, high-quality and professional service, while crafting a legal strategy tailored to their goals. The legal team makes sure to keep the clients fully updated of the case’s status, while brainstorming and maintaining full coordination.
The Litigation Department team specializes in court litigation in various proceedings, including class action suits, commercial contractual lawsuits and administrative motions, in the areas of Civil-Commercial Law including Corporate Law, Business Law – financial, shareholders disputes, Administrative Law and in particular Tenders Law, Intellectual Property, Commercial Tort, Distribution Laws, real estate disputes, etc.

The Firm’s Real Estate Department advises developers, construction companies, individuals and institutional entities on a broad range of issues, and has extensive reputation and experience in accompanying large-scale projects.
The legal team in the Department has unique experience in accompanying complex projects in the field of healthcare, including the establishment of clinics and medical centers across the country.
The Real Estate Department specializes in all types of real estate transactions, combination transactions, evacuation-construction projects, purchasing groups, sales transactions, rental and leases agreements, apartment building registration, legal support for developers in real estate transactions abroad, representing clients in front of planning institutions, handling expropriations and compensation for expropriations, handling of claims under section 197 of the Planning and Building Law, etc.


Our Firm’s Labor & Employment Laws Department represents clients in a broad range of Labor Law issues, including representation of both employers and employees throughout the various proceedings in front of the Labor Courts and other legal instances, representation in class action lawsuits, drafting collective agreements, writing legal opinions, etc.

The Department’s staff is skilled and experienced in Labor Law related crisis management and resolution (including entities who employ a very large labor force), and as part of accompanying its clients, its main focus is on forward-looking consulting, aiming to address issues and prevent problems before they arise.

The Department’s clients include leading companies in the market, services companies, industrial plants, hi-tech companies, small and medium-sized businesses, and others.

Some of the issues handled by the Labor Law Department are:

– Preparation of personal employment contracts.

– Collective agreements.

– Representation in front of the Labor Courts.

– Representation in front of other legal instances.

– Consulting on pension arrangements and employee benefits.

– Support through structural changes processes.

– Support and counseling regarding collective disputes.